Monday, June 30, 2014

The answers are out there

Just a recap on the tech problem I described below. First I contacted Microsoft help through their chat facility. They are always friendly and polite but sadly not always so helpful. The person I spoke to simply suggested that if the problem didn't exist when using Internet Explorer 8 that I should switch back to it. He didn't understand that the purpose of a blog is that anyone out there in cyber space sees your work and they may use later versions of IE to do that. I can't control what systems people use. So just switching to IE8 was not the answer. I then sent an email to Canon, the manufacturer of my new camera and explained the problem. I know I need to be taking better photographs so that the quality of the image has a head start before it meets stubborn customers like Blogger and Internet Explorer. Canon will get back to me in a couple of days and whatever they say is going to be useful anyway. Through trawling the net I began to understand that the problem was rooted in the way the image was "scaled" (or "not scaled") by Blogger. I then discovered an amazing website which told you how to edit your Blogger post in the HTML post editor mode and delete a small piece of code for that image. Doing this forces the browser to display a scaled image with high definition. Thanks Ankit! Here is the reference in case anyone wants to check this out -

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Barbara Muir said...

Thanks for this explanation. I think I'm okay -- but then ignorance is bliss.

I hope you sort it out to your satisfaction soon. Meanwhile I love your work.