Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Entertainer

Oil on cotton canvas panel 12" x 9"

This is a rework of the last posting (called The Trainer). I wanted her face to be more delicately rendered and in the process her hair changed from red to blue. Do you remember ever wanting to join the circus? It reminds me of that. Or maybe her entertainment is of the more subtle variety.

I am struggling a bit technically at the moment. I have a new laptop, a new camera and a new (or different) version of Photoshop. The pics were fine after photo editing when I looked  at them in Windows and even when I uploaded them to the Blogger editor but as soon as I looked at them on the proper blog screen the background weave of the canvas was emphasised and there was a kind of shimmer over the image.

A bit more investigation showed me that the canvas weave problem only showed up when viewing the blog through Internet Explorer which at that point was my default Browser and did not show up when I switched to Google Chrome. I looked on Google stats for my blog and I saw that most people use Firefox or Chrome for browsing anyway, but I don't ever remember seeing this problem before with Internet Explorer (I am using IE 11). I checked IE version 10 as well as 11 and the problem was still there but I found that when I reverted back to IE version 8 it had gone and the picture was fine.  So something in later versions of IE is causing the display to be distorted somehow. It tells me on the net to look for the compatibility button but I can't find it.

The problem is not so much for me, because I just switch to Chrome to look at my blogs but for other people around the world who are viewing my stuff through IE10 or 11 they are going to see a less than perfect image.  If you are using IE10 or 11 with no problem it would be great if you could let me know so that I can assume there is some incompatibility of display with this machine.

Sorry folks, this ended up so long winded a story. If you see the image without the canvas weave then you're good and don't worry about the rest of the posting!


William Ternay Jr said...

So sorry you're having gestation problems with your new toys, Sheila.
Thank goodness my son knows how to put band aids on our reeely old Dell and Word and photoshop. (15 yrs?)
The image I see of "The Entertainer" looks great to me, with no evidence of the canvas weave. Is that a whip she is holding? Mmmm...not so sure her idea of "entertainment" and mine
would coincide. Does she like Art?

Sheila Vaughan said...

Hey Bill, yeh the old stuff is the best in my opinion. I only replace when I really have to. The Entertainer, well I don't know a lot about her really. She was originally a circus trainer training horses but her horse ran away and she is left wondering who else to swatch with that whip. So I don't know if she likes art. These people come and go in my life.

William Ternay Jr said...

My 101 year old Dad died over a month ago. He had a very full and rich life. He said when he was child he was on the beach, and about 100 feet in the air a female trapeze artist was doing tricks on the bar, suspended from a huge balloon.
Is that a great image, or what?!

Sheila Vaughan said...

Your dad was one amazing guy Bill. I'll miss your stories and sketches about him but he's probably hanging out there somewhere having a good old chuckle at all the odd things we get up to! It's a nice thought anyway.

Barbara Muir said...

This image and all of your images look super to me. I'm on a three or four year old Mac laptop. Computers are both great and frustrating. Where's the techie teenager when you need one eh?


Sheila Vaughan said...

Barbara, yes and the more the manufacturers try to make it "easy" for us the more complicated it can get. When I first started using computers there wasn't even Windows and we had to learn the command language but you felt in touch with what was happening inside the machine.